Angelina Jolie Mocked by Descendants Screenwriters

I was laughing when one of the Descendants Screenwriter mocked Angelina Jolina’s pose after they were called on stage and awarded as Best Adapted Screenplay. Angelina Jolie is so pretty in her dress and so sexy, so thin! I love her so much but I can’t help myself but laugh when I watched this part :)

Angelina Jolie

The screenwriters Nat Faxon, Jim Rash and Alexander Payne at the Writers Guild Awards. They won the adapted screenplay award for "The Descendants."




  1. Olivia says:

    Shame on you and same on Rash. That was RUDE! All those actresses try so hard to be glamorous and live up to all the expectation and all the media does is pick them apart. She look pretty. He’s a immature, inconsiderate, mean spirited, thoughtless, nasty man. To do something like that in front of the entire world with her standing right there on stage still having to present another award — they should take his Oscar away. He is a horrible, horrible man. But the media will play up the man as funny and crucify the woman… so predictable!

  2. Lisa Murillo says:

    She deserves it for being so full of herself. This was supposed to be the screenwriters’ moment, and she tried to make it all about her. Attention-whoring at its most pathetic and desperate.

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