Of Nuts and Bolts and Air Compressors

You’d probably have a hard time telling your nuts from your bolts or recognizing an Ingersoll rand compressor even if your life depends on it, but it does pay to work your way around the more technical, less-fabulous jobs around the house. For starters, a little know-how about your bolts and electrical supplies will save you precious time and money when you can do the minor repairs around the house rather than calling for help every time you need one. It is also another feather to add in your brimming cap and surely, your family and friends will all admire you for it and might even ask for a quick tutorial which they can apply in their own household, too. So, how to be technical-savvy around the house, read those how-to books and watch those video tutorials in your spare time. If you will, you can also always ask your husband or father to teach you the tricks of the trade.


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